“Support a classroom. Build a future.” DonorsChoose.org

That’s straight from the website of DonorsChoose.org where you can donate money to individual classrooms. Teachers can register their projects, the amount of money they need, and donors can literally sift through all the projects and donate any amount to specific projects they want to fund.

You can search projects by Resource type (tech, books, supplies), or search for projects by teachers who have never been funded before or projects that have received no donations. You can also search by age group (prek-2, 3-5, etc) or subject (donate to STEM subjects? Books for classrooms?).

If you’re a teacher with a project that’s really worthwhile that you can’t get off the ground, Donors Choose may be a good resource, and if you’ve got some money budgeted for donations every month, here’s a good place to find teachers who need support! I’ve been seeing this org around on Twitter lately, what with defunding of the arts and conversations about girls in STEM, inequality in classrooms, and this is a good way to do something small and make immediate impacts in the classroom. So have at, friendos!


‘Crips in Space’ Submissions

Heyo friends!

The first post boosting submissions is here! Currently you can submit a work of prose, poetry, art, or essay to The Deaf Poets Society for their 4th issue. I learned about this project through Alice Wong on Twitter who is a co-founder of the DisVisibility Project. You can follow them on Twitter @DisVisibility. I learned who Alice Wong was during the Women’s March as she tweeted the hashtag #accessibleorganizingmeans. Now she’s tweeting largely via the hashtag #cripthevote.

This particular issue is called ‘Crips in Space,’ and they’re “looking for for D/deaf and disabled perspectives and re-imaginings of bodies, science, technology, bioethics, and the future ways of existing.” Click the link above to learn more; the deadline is April 4th for the forthcoming issues. Submission guidelines are here.

Hey Bears!

I’m makin’ a blog! Likely I’ll post personal things Very sporadically, perhaps book recs fewer & further between, & whenever I see a cool independent anthology, scholarship, or submissions opportunity, I’m gonna boost it. The theme here is Book Stuffs. It may also be Cat Stuffs. Example:

I took this picture of The Crocodile this morning because she’s beautiful & suspicious, like any good crocodile should be. Love you, friendos. Susan, out!