New Page! Paid, Consistent writing Ops!

I have added a new page to my (personal/professional hybrid) website, as you may have noticed if you actually read this website that I don’t actually promote (jokes). It’s entirely devoted to PAID WRITING OPPORTUNITIES for short stories, poetry, etc. I just put up the two publications I have been reading the most lately, but I plan to add more. Please let me know if there’s a CONSISTENT and PAID writing opportunity you’d like me to highlight or post. For clarification…

CONSISTENT to me means ongoing – not a one time thing, not an anthology, not a one-off project. It is a magazine, publication, newspaper, etc with rolling or constant submissions opportunities that people can always look to, keep their eye on, and submit to for….

MONEY. It has to pay because creators deserve to be paid for their work. And not only does it have to pay, but it has to be industry standard, fair pay. Either for illustration work or for writing – fiction, essay, academic, or whatever. MONEY.

So let me know! Eventually I would like to add an anthology page/kickstarter page for writing projects I think are worthwhile that are Not consistent paying opportunities but that are interesting things to support, but for now… consistent. For pay.

Love you bears. ❤


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