About This Blog

I’m a firm believer in the separation of professional and personal, and I draw this line on the internet with my Facebook (personal) and Twitter (professional). I also have an anonymous Tumblr I don’t use anymore, which is mostly just my favorite cartoons, cats, and girls kissing. I’m sure you could find it if you knew enough about me and cared to try.

At some point in a T**** era, I realized I was using my Facebook almost exclusively to complain loudly about plot holes in Teen Wolf and to boost voices and causes that I wanted to support. I also found that my Twitter, which I use to complain about my allergies and talk about publishing, boosted the same voices and causes as on FB. The goal of this blog is to be that public intersection of the personal and professional, where I get, shall we say, political. IF YOU WOULD LIKE FOR ME TO POST ABOUT YOUR ANTHOLOGY, OPPORTUNITY, ORG, drop me a line! If it’s a thing I feel good about supporting, I’ll put it on the list! The categories under which I’m publishing are the below:

Donations: opportunities for you to donate!
Crowdfunding: projects you can crowdfund! This coincides with donation!
Anthologies: independent collections of comics, short stories, etc – usually crowdfunded!
Submissions: opportunities for writers to submit stories, essays, comics, anything! I’m going to highlight things in general but give preference to those that boost marginalized voices and THINGS THAT PAY (you gotta make money).
Writing tips: I spend a lot of my time in submissions at a lit agency….
Writing: All these intersect with writing, this blog is about book stuffs.
Cats: I like my cats.

I will add more tags as needed, but for now, you know. It’s these. Good luck!

You’ll also notice I have a page for Illustration Clients. If you’re an editor, designer, etc at a publisher, magazine, or other entity, please contact me about work you may have for my beautiful illustration lovelies. They’re wonderful; it’s facts.