About Susan

Hello! My name is Susan Graham! If you found your way here, you probably already have an inkling of who I am, but here’s a brief summary. In a nutshell!

I’m an associate agent at Einstein Literary Management where I have just begun since August 2016 to slowly build my own client list. I’ve been working in publishing in various capacities for awhile now, starting with an internship way back in 2010 so it’s been quite a journey and one I hope will continue for A Long While. I’m looking for picture book through young adult authors, including graphic novels, and I’m actively looking for illustrators to fall in love with. Follow me on Twitter @grahamophones.

Other facts about Susan!

I’m from Texas, and I miss driving down the highway with my window down & how spacious everything is. I have an accent if you know what to listen for, but it gets more pronounced as I get sleepy or boozy. I miss the Texas heat, and I don’t like the cold.
My favorite colors are yellow, orange, green, purple, red, and then all the rest because I love all the colors. And yes, in that order.
I have two cats. I love my cats. I wish I could have a dog, but alas, now is not the time.
I am a firm believer that literally everything is problematic, and all things contain both good and bad and in-between.
I try to love things that aren’t my cats or colors, but life is hard, you know?
I love my friends. Do you want to be my friend? Say hello!